Success Stories: Olive Lucarelli

Success Stories: Olive Lucarelli


Learn how we have been supporting our olive company, Olive Lucarelli, for several years.

  • We renovate the farm and triple production.
  • We develop customers through innovative products and participation in trade shows.
  • We modernize the branding and packaging of references.

Some of our Milestones

We renovate the factory and forge partnerships with producers in southern Italy, including growers in Puglia and Sicily.


We are opening another site in the Latina area to make the pickup of Itrana and Gaeta olives more efficient directly from the producers, who specialize in the cultivation, production and processing of this variety.



We triple the production lines with machines to seal new types of packaging.



We work on the conception and production of innovative references to be proposed to buyers and wholesalers and plan brand exposure at renowned trade fairs.

Over the years, we have expanded the sale of products in the large-scale retail channel such as Carrefour, Megamark, Eurospin, Ce.Di. Gros, Todis, iN's Mercato, Banco Fresco, Crai, Conad, Famila Group.



In addition, we have also expanded distribution in the HoReCa channel and in all major wholesale markets in Italy and abroad, in countries such as Canada, Germany, America, Poland, and the Czech Republic.


We will continue to work on improving the company's offerings and efficiency with the goal of establishing new business agreements.

The next success story could be yours!


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